Fun and Friendly Jiu Jitsu Training in Naples

Jiu Jitsu for your family


At Alliance Jiu Jitsu Naples, we believe in the power of positive reinforcement. We help our students grow their confidence, build discipline, and become the best they can be. Jiu Jitsu training isn’t just about grappling — it’s about striving to be better. Enroll for your first class and see for yourself why parents around Naples and Fort Myers are choosing our dojo to help their kids perform better in school, learn respect, and practice lasting leadership skills!


We strive to help students get the most out of their training. For students with consistency and dedication, Jiu-Jitsu becomes a life-style and students can readily enjoy all the benefits Jiu-Jitsu or the “Gentle Art”. Working from the assumption that Jiu Jitsu must be embraced as a lifelong journey, Alliance Jiu Jitsu Naples has designed an effective program that allows for students to naturally progress from the White Belt to the Black Belt. Classes and their respective curriculum at Alliance are not isolated from one another, but elements of a larger structured learning plan called the “Alliance Programs”. We’re here to help our community develop more robust fitness, learn practical self-defense, and feel revitalized! Our classes offer a great workout, professional instructors, and a passionate community. It’s never too late to get started.


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